I am now Mrs Valentine. No longer a single unit but a team. 

Those few months leading up to the wedding were challenging. I was overwhelmed and exceedingly excited. Every emotion, was worth it. 

One thing was building in my Heart and that was appreciation. There are no words and deeds to express my admiration and appreciation for my mother and all that she had contributed and done for me as a person and for us as a couple. She comforted me, laughed with me and planned with me. She dedicated of her time and money; feeling the pinch of stress and joy that comes with the completion of each task. Yes, of all the people my mom had sacrificed more than I could have asked or imagined – the surprise honeymoon was glorious. I am grateful. 

To my wonderful husband, you were there when I needed you, calmed my neves and made me laugh when I forgot to enjoy the journey. 

To my sisters who have been slow to start but ready to finish. Your contribution has been a delight and a weight off my shoulders. 

To Claudia, my cousin, what in the world would I have done without you? I don’t want to know. You came at the right time and jumped straight aboard this fast sailing ship. Thank you for your time and careful, detailed planning. Your organizational skills have not only been helpful but has put so much ease on my heart. 

To my dad for going along with every single plan we had put into place. 

To Patricia, Guidos mother, for being so giving and willing to go where others didn’t think of. I appreciate your input into this wedding and your generous heart into our lives. 

To Charné for bringing our day together beautifully. Without you our day would have been all over the place. 

To Betty who made the house spotless and beautifully shiny – you’re the bomb. 

Lastly, to Natasha who was not apart of our day but was willing to serve us and all the guests. Your actions speaks volumes. I honour you for the contribution. 

Our day was perfect, every part of it. 

N. A. Valentine 


Two weeks 

In two weeks time I’ll be saying “Yes” to the most dearest Man in my life. We have been on our toes busy since the moment he slipped this ring on my finger. I’ve cried, I’ve laughed, I’ve felt like giving up… It’s all been terribly amazing. And here we are, with just two weeks to go to get everything ready for our “forever” day. There’s still so much to do and so much to finalize but the day will come and everything will be just as it was supposed to be 💕
N. A. Valentine 


The 5th Wave book review

My eyes couldn’t read the words quick enough! The action in the pages of this book is Crazy man. I just could not put this book down. It was an easy page turner; a simple and invigorating read. I often found my heart pounding when the scenes were intense. 

This story is about loss, love and survival. I felt firsthand what it was like to lose someone so close to you, to have your world turned upside down that upside down thought it was the right way up. To have your Earth, that has given you so much, take away more than its fair share. To lose hope and happiness. To fight for safety and protection. To even question those around you that you love. To watch the ones you love turn into something they’re not. To always be ready for the next move, the next fight, the next sleepless night. 

I’m not a fan of sci-fi, or I wasn’t, but this novel captured me and opened my eyes to a world of war, mistrust and rage; hopelessness, dispair and disunity. 

Go and grab your hands on this book today! 

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5/5 star rating 
N. A. Valentine 



“I love you,” he said.

“I know,” she smiled. 

They stared and stared until their eyes grew small and fell asleep in each other’s arms. 

When day break came, they thought of how beautiful the sun looked through the radiant trees and how at home one never seemed to find such beauty. 

It hides itself in the quietness of life. It waits for the one who would pause in his hurried, bustling schedule. And pours out itself, not in pieces, but in wholeness; in such purity and vulnerability. That the one who stopped to pause, does not think about what he has not accomplished that day. No, he thinks of all that he has missed out on life. For this is far more worth living for. The man will go home to his painted walls and well furnished home. Rich tones and dawning hues. Full of fake sunsets and warmth. And He will wish to go back to the earth; the real growing, breathing earth. He will see that building a castle is less than living in treasure. He groans about feeling the earth under his soles, the dainty breeze all over his face, to see the glory of true magnificence not made by Man. No, he groans for closeness; he yearns to be one. 

But we, we don’t groan, or regret or loathe ourselves for what we’ve become. Because from young we knew the secret to all life. That it was meant to be nurtured and loved. That great wealth was not from what you’ve done but what you’ve seen. 

– N. A. Valentine 


Small beginnings 

So here I am, starting small. Starting small but not living small. When your mind is dreaming of big things, but your life is small, I say that you are living big. 

We live in a world where what is seen is more important than what is unseen. The problem is, what your mind thinks, it will create. Now we might be living small at the moment, because all uncomfortable situations are temporary, but if our mind is set on positive largeness, we will see it. 

God created us with incredible power. The incredible power to create what we think. It is, however, our job to make sure that what we are thinking is not putting us at a disadvantage. 

Our thinking is powerful beyond measure. Where our thoughts go, our actions follow. I find that on days when I am negative, my body is fatigued; I am worn out, tired, unable to think properly, make poor decisions and good things don’t seem to happen to me. Although, on days where I am positive; I am full of life and vitality, confidence wells inside of me, hope and possibility are all around me, I can smell the air and notice the clouds. That is what I call powerful. 

I am thoroughly grateful for an incredible gentleman of a fiancé that I have, someone who I will be privileged to call my husband (In, literally, 3 weeks time). He teaches me to be patient and positive. He’s always there for me, encouraging me and motivating me. His words are a product of his life; His life is a direct reflection of the mind he has. And I look up to him for that and many other fantastic qualities that he possess.

Choose today, not to look and dwell on the negative aspects of life but choose to put all your focus on the positive. Choose to believe what God says about you, that you are more than a conqueror, that He came to give you life and life in abundance. Choose to focus on all the things you are grateful for; your family and friends, people that are always there for you, encouraging you. 

Life can be a beautiful place if we create a beautiful mind to live in. 
N. A. Valentine