Christmas is the Most Wonderful time of the Year

I happen to think that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year.

It is a time of joy, family and love. It is a time of giving. Giving of your joy, love and forgiveness. It is a time where you get together with family and friends to celebrate. Celebrate the day of joyfulness. Christmas is sincerely a joyous occasion. Whether you can celebrate it with many or just you and your spouse, dog or cat or bird. It is an occasion of thankfulness. Christmas truly opens your eyes to the beauty of life – there can be many things you can remember to be thankful for. The simple things like family, loved ones, pets, giving to others, faith and hope.

Christmas gives me a warm feeling – a feeling of hope. It is a time of hope, where things are possible and bright. It is a time where hope came down and was born and given to the world. A simple, eternal gift. You don’t have to receive this gift, yet it was freely given. Those who do receive it, receive the hope that is offered. Christmas gives me a feeling of overwhelming happiness and comfort. There are mistletoe’s for kissing and trees filled with lights and decorations for gift giving.

Christmas is a selfless season – a season that is not winter or summer but a season of the heart. Yes, I truly believe that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year.


I want to wish you all a prosperous and a very merry Christmas ♥


N. A. Valentine