Vision for your Future

Having an idea of the life you want to live, the things you want to do or the career you want to have, are all healthy parts of living. To have a vision of what you want can be rewarding and gratifying in the end. Whether you obtain that goal or not, having an image to push you forward is both positive and motivating.

I have an image in my head of a wooden Victorian house. It is filled with books, paintings and antique furniture. I am somewhere near the sea but my house is so filled with tall, old trees that it feels as if I’m living in a forest. The garden has an area where one can sit and relax under shady greens. Somewhere near the kitchen is a vegetable garden, where fresh vegetables grow – ones I  can pick on a daily basis. The children’s rooms are on the second floor and our bedroom is on the third and top floor of the house. We are looking out on a spectacular view of ocean, sky and trees. I write from home – a private study for thinking and writing. A sacred shrine for ideas and imaginations.

This is one image of many that my husband and myself knows about. I value this image – its personal and it gets me through days when I think I’m getting nowhere. This mental image propels me forward. Its both positive and enlightening. Like I said, it might not even happen. I might land somewhere else. Maybe this house is overseas, maybe I don’t get that vegetable garden or I work in some office at an Editorial company. All I know that is if this vision is alive in my mind, then I can be as positive as I need to be about where I’m going.

Having a positive outlook on your future can be as healthy for your brain and body as it can be on the things you say about where you are going. Do you dream about being the leading lady of Swan Lake? Writing a book never before read? Climbing Mt Everest at the age of 25? Becoming a President? Your outlook on the goal in front of you can help you to accomplish your dream. Saying, believing, doing and repeating what you are set out to do, is not a guaranteed success but it can definitely add to where you want to go.

The vision is the Key to forward living. If you dwell your thoughts on past evens, truth is, you will limit yourself and only live in the past. Yet, if you dwell on things that are possible and positive, who knows what great events can happen. I believe strongly in having healthy patterns of thinking. I also believe strongly in having a vision. It doesn’t have to be huge or significant. It can be as simple as wanting to finish college or pass your drivers exam. In doing so, you will move in the direction of your thinking. Those who don’t claim or choose a vision for their life can get stuck in the mundane routines of life. They can forget that there is more to life. That hidden dream can be so far away that you can forget. Keeping the vision can give you hope for more.

Grab your vision and move into the realm of your dreams.


N.A. Valentine









Awaiting the New Years Post

So it was the night of new years eve, and like most of you, I couldn’t help but wonder what the year of 2017 would bring. Will I finally finish that Children’s Book manuscript and hand it in to an agent? Will I finally write down the many other Children’s book ideas that I have held in my head? Will I have the courage to write for another blog so that I can gain experience and get a little money? Will we finally have enough cash to move into that cute apartment with our little family? The truth is, I don’t know. I wish things would happen the way we want them to but most of the time, it doesn’t. And you know what, that’s still okay. We can dream and we can pray and hope those things happen to us. We can plan and take action and run after what we want. Some things are just out of our control, yet we can choose to stay hopeful and positive. I believe that a dream in your heart will never go away until it is fulfilled. That is what New years resolutions are all about: little dreams that you are hoping for that will come to pass through out the year. It could be to buy yourself that handbag you’ve just been wanting so badly, it could be a car you need for yourself to get around, it could be finding the right job, career path or subject to study. Whatever your dreams are, whether they are big or small, don’t give up on it. Keep pursuing your desires, and in due time you will get it.

If you’re anything like me and you quickly become discouraged when things you have planned or wanted, just don’t work out – I want to tell you, as I so often have to tell myself, not to get down or discouraged. Have courage dear heart. Your many wondrous dreams will happen. I just know they will.

Have a beautiful 2017 – Anything can happen ♥

N.A. Valentine