Product review: Tungsten black ring from 

So I bought my husbands ring off wish for literally $1 and the shipping was the same price. We were skeptical but it was cheap and it was the ring he’s always wanted. There was no harm in buying it, so we did. 

The ring came a week earlier and it was perfect! It doesn’t look cheap, it fits him well and he loves it. 

I was impressed by the fact that it looked like the picture and it is wonderful quality. Many have complimented him on his ring and any time he gets, he’ll show it off. 

Thank for a wonderful shopping experience! 


Poetry: If Ever it were Easy

If Ever It Were Easy

If ever it were easy, my life would be full. 

I would have the house in the forest among many hills; the children of plenty playing through the trees.

I would have much to give away and much to give my family.

I would have shelves of a thousand books on top of shelves of a thousand more books.

Food, cats and laughter would be plenty.

Bonfires in the back yard would be the tale of night.

Stories would be read wherever there was time – always. 

Nothing would be difficult, would be challenging, would be dull.

Life would be wonderful, life would be well. 

N.A Valentine