Miracles happen indeed

So in the course of these past days, so much has happened. Firstly God broke the chains of bondage off me and I’m completely free. My lifestyle however has to change drastically but all for the good. God really came in and cleared out all the junk of the past and set me free from the enemy that had a foothold in my life. I am on the road to healing and recovering. 

Sometimes I get doubts that this could be too good to be true but it isn’t. With God all things are possible and this might not make sense to many but I haven’t felt this amazing in ever. I don’t know when I felt so much passion for life and for people. I just want to give everyone a hug and tell them how much God loves them. I really felt God just came in and burned all the mess inside of me. He deserves the credit for my breakthrough. I realized that he wants our life to just be one of Love and forgiveness. 
If anyone has experienced anything that I have experienced – the torment and torture, the feeling of going mad and such deep depression that it feels like you’re drowning in tar, panic attacks so bad that you can’t even sleep at night at all. This is a testimony. That God can set you free from the hold of the enemy. We as believers can get attacked in many ways and the enemy knows your weakness and will get you in those areas. So right now those doors are shut and If it wasn’t for the help of my mom and others who have prayed for me and especially one person who prayed for me non stop and did what no one else could have done – your gifting and obedience to God is incredible and I want to thank you. To my husband who has stood by and watched me change from worse to better and for being with me through it all. Thank you so much to my mom who never gave up and continued to have faith and encourage me. 
Oh yes since I was set free I started to eat. The anxiety didn’t go away immediately and the enemy tried to intimidate me and it was terrible. The second night I felt so much better in the evenings. Like I was terrified of the evenings and now I wasn’t. Last night I still go a little panicky and took something to calm down but I fell asleep like a normal human being. I was so proud of that. I know the road to relearning everything and living a life without fear after living with it since my childhood is a huge adjustment but it’s a road I’m willing to be traveling on. 

I just want to use this platform to show how Good God is and that he just wants you set free and happy. God has been speaking to me so much and I even had a vision of Jeṡuṡ that meant so much to me. I am so so happy and grateful. 


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