Praying for South Africa 

Here in Cape Town the water restrictions have been quite bad. There’s something like 100 liters per household which is really nothing. So we’re so careful with the amount of water we are using. 
A few months ago I saw a sign and the sign read “Dam 26% full” and I don’t know about you but that is almost empty. And that was a few months ago. We have had some rain, some since then. We have had more humid weather and more warm weather or just plain cold weather but not enough rain. 
I’ve read messages of people praying for rain and we’ve had some breakthrough with that. I thankful for the people that have been praying for rain. I asked my mom this morning how full the dams are now and she says it’s on something like 11%. Not sure on the facts here but I do know it’s much much lower than last I saw. 
The plants around areas, the gardens around beautiful houses are feeling the drought. I haven’t seen grass or gardens so terrible in my life. Our water is also not healthy to drink from the taps so everyone is buying liters of water from the shops like Oasis so that we can have clean drinking water. Those shops are working overtime that sometimes they don’t even have water to sell us, quite crazy right. 
To be honest I haven’t felt it hard but with what I’m hearing, I am concerned. This is a real issue that South Africa is facing. And I want to encourage everyone reading this to say a pray for Cape Town and ask for a miracle of rain that our dams will increase and not decrease. I believe we need to see the power of God move in this country and it will happen through prayer. 
I heard on the radio that tomorrows Storm is the talk of the day. People all over twitter are tweeting #capestorm. People are aware of this happening and are taking precautions. I also heard that besides the storm we are going to have heavy snow on the mountains. By order of the government all the public schools across the cape are CLOSED. The people along Big bay beach have been asked to be evacuated. And those in the less fortunate areas are evacuating and taking precautions due to the heavy rain and gale force winds. 

The storm has started in Cape Town and there are really strong winds and rain. To what extent this storm will proceeded, only time will tell. We just pray that it brings the rain we need and not devastation to the land. I also pray that whatever happens tomorrow that everyone keeps safe and warm. 

Please stay safe and indoors. 

N. A. Valentine 


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