Vision for your Future

Having an idea of the life you want to live, the things you want to do or the career you want to have, are all healthy parts of living. To have a vision of what you want can be rewarding and gratifying in the end. Whether you obtain that goal or not, having an image to push you forward is both positive and motivating.

I have an image in my head of a wooden Victorian house. It is filled with books, paintings and antique furniture. I am somewhere near the sea but my house is so filled with tall, old trees that it feels as if I’m living in a forest. The garden has an area where one can sit and relax under shady greens. Somewhere near the kitchen is a vegetable garden, where fresh vegetables grow – ones I  can pick on a daily basis. The children’s rooms are on the second floor and our bedroom is on the third and top floor of the house. We are looking out on a spectacular view of ocean, sky and trees. I write from home – a private study for thinking and writing. A sacred shrine for ideas and imaginations.

This is one image of many that my husband and myself knows about. I value this image – its personal and it gets me through days when I think I’m getting nowhere. This mental image propels me forward. Its both positive and enlightening. Like I said, it might not even happen. I might land somewhere else. Maybe this house is overseas, maybe I don’t get that vegetable garden or I work in some office at an Editorial company. All I know that is if this vision is alive in my mind, then I can be as positive as I need to be about where I’m going.

Having a positive outlook on your future can be as healthy for your brain and body as it can be on the things you say about where you are going. Do you dream about being the leading lady of Swan Lake? Writing a book never before read? Climbing Mt Everest at the age of 25? Becoming a President? Your outlook on the goal in front of you can help you to accomplish your dream. Saying, believing, doing and repeating what you are set out to do, is not a guaranteed success but it can definitely add to where you want to go.

The vision is the Key to forward living. If you dwell your thoughts on past evens, truth is, you will limit yourself and only live in the past. Yet, if you dwell on things that are possible and positive, who knows what great events can happen. I believe strongly in having healthy patterns of thinking. I also believe strongly in having a vision. It doesn’t have to be huge or significant. It can be as simple as wanting to finish college or pass your drivers exam. In doing so, you will move in the direction of your thinking. Those who don’t claim or choose a vision for their life can get stuck in the mundane routines of life. They can forget that there is more to life. That hidden dream can be so far away that you can forget. Keeping the vision can give you hope for more.

Grab your vision and move into the realm of your dreams.


N.A. Valentine









Awaiting the New Years Post

So it was the night of new years eve, and like most of you, I couldn’t help but wonder what the year of 2017 would bring. Will I finally finish that Children’s Book manuscript and hand it in to an agent? Will I finally write down the many other Children’s book ideas that I have held in my head? Will I have the courage to write for another blog so that I can gain experience and get a little money? Will we finally have enough cash to move into that cute apartment with our little family? The truth is, I don’t know. I wish things would happen the way we want them to but most of the time, it doesn’t. And you know what, that’s still okay. We can dream and we can pray and hope those things happen to us. We can plan and take action and run after what we want. Some things are just out of our control, yet we can choose to stay hopeful and positive. I believe that a dream in your heart will never go away until it is fulfilled. That is what New years resolutions are all about: little dreams that you are hoping for that will come to pass through out the year. It could be to buy yourself that handbag you’ve just been wanting so badly, it could be a car you need for yourself to get around, it could be finding the right job, career path or subject to study. Whatever your dreams are, whether they are big or small, don’t give up on it. Keep pursuing your desires, and in due time you will get it.

If you’re anything like me and you quickly become discouraged when things you have planned or wanted, just don’t work out – I want to tell you, as I so often have to tell myself, not to get down or discouraged. Have courage dear heart. Your many wondrous dreams will happen. I just know they will.

Have a beautiful 2017 – Anything can happen ♥

N.A. Valentine


Christmas is the Most Wonderful time of the Year

I happen to think that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year.

It is a time of joy, family and love. It is a time of giving. Giving of your joy, love and forgiveness. It is a time where you get together with family and friends to celebrate. Celebrate the day of joyfulness. Christmas is sincerely a joyous occasion. Whether you can celebrate it with many or just you and your spouse, dog or cat or bird. It is an occasion of thankfulness. Christmas truly opens your eyes to the beauty of life – there can be many things you can remember to be thankful for. The simple things like family, loved ones, pets, giving to others, faith and hope.

Christmas gives me a warm feeling – a feeling of hope. It is a time of hope, where things are possible and bright. It is a time where hope came down and was born and given to the world. A simple, eternal gift. You don’t have to receive this gift, yet it was freely given. Those who do receive it, receive the hope that is offered. Christmas gives me a feeling of overwhelming happiness and comfort. There are mistletoe’s for kissing and trees filled with lights and decorations for gift giving.

Christmas is a selfless season – a season that is not winter or summer but a season of the heart. Yes, I truly believe that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year.


I want to wish you all a prosperous and a very merry Christmas ♥


N. A. Valentine



Getting paid to write – is that a thing?  

Yes, my dreams have come to life. As of last week, I began writing and I will be getting paid to do it. It happened so suddenly, that I haven’t had time to fully process this. I have been having fun researching topics I have had no knowledge on. Perhaps I have found the secret love of my heart – Art in garden design. I did not know there was such beauty and hard work into creating landscapes. I am mesmerized by the art and styles of gardening.

A friend of mine that has been helping me with my studies; both in faith and applying, wrote me an email and asked for my help. I replied and he told me that he was collaborating with his cousin to start a business. They needed a content writer and was wondering if I wanted to partake. Of course, I accepted. I did not know how to do any of it but gradually I’ve been learning – researching, writing, learning about topics I have no expertise or knowledge on. They enjoy my writing and I’m only happy to gain experience.

I can honestly say I have grown in my writing in such a short space of time. I did not think to put so much effort and work into writing about a topic but this has given me the push that I needed. Writing is easy when you are familiar with the subject. I try to dive in and find out as much as I feel I should know about that particular topic before I even begin to write anything down.

On other news, I have applied to UNISA and am waiting (patiently) for my Matric certificate to send through to them. My life is not going at the speed I want it to go. I will have to be patient because all good things come to those who wait.

What you were made to do will always find a way to you. Don’t give up on your dreams! God will see that it comes to pass.

N. A. Valentine


What makes you pick up a book? 

What makes you pick up a book? Is it the font type, the lettering, the authors name, the colors of the cover, the small heading, the big heading, the genre, the length of the book, the fact that it is well known, the pictures, a little icon on the spine of a door or hands or a puppy or a vampire, slanted text, neat text, a catchy line after the title… 

What is it that truly gets your attention? See, for me I just like to prepare before hand for what I’m going to pick at the library. I never go without an idea of what I want to get. I don’t like to be fooled by a good cover and a poor story or a poor cover with a good story. I do the research because I’m so picky. Yet I do have my days when I’ll grab something just because I’m attracted to it. Those times are rare times and times I want to look at. 

I’m at the library staring at rows upon rows of novels. There are some that look like “good” books and others that just don’t interest me. I come across a book called “Crime school” it looks new. I don’t know the author, Carol O’Connell. I read the synopsis, sounds good – a murder, a cop, the past coming back. I open the book, its over 400 pages, the writing seems engaging.

“Night film” by Marisha Pessl – with a red bird flying near her name. Looks dark and interesting but the book is thick. The cover draws you in. The synopsis is good. Yet, I won’t take this home with me to read. 

I turn around and I see the Stephen King isle. His books are huge. I’ve tried reading “Mr Mercedes” and just couldn’t get through it. It wasn’t his writing, more the character. I do know that I want to read “11.22.63.” I found it engaging after reading a few lines. 

Rachel Joyce, I have her book at home and never found myself wanting to read it just yet. Sherlock Holmes, I’m weary of people who write about Sherlock Holmes. I truly am. The only book I read where an author tried to write as Watson or Sherlock, I can’t remember, was “The house of silk” by Anthony Horowitz. I enjoyed that. It was well written and I felt like the character of Sherlock was alive and well portrayed. 

I’m in a section I hardly go to: A-C, unless I’m here to get a dan brown book but I only needed one and that was “the lost symbol” which I took out a few days ago. I’m basically done with his novels with the exception of “Digital Fortress” which I have at home. I know never to underestimate a novel, so I always look around, just in case. 

David Baldacci, I’ve hear he is good but I don’t think his type of books are for me. I do however, need to read an Agatha Christie novel. Which I have not done yet. I somehow feel behind with books that I should have read already. That is why this lady is on my list. 

I might be getting side tracked now. What makes me attracted to a book? It has to be the whole package – the font, the fact that I know about the author, the genre, the synopsis is catching, the writing is good when I’ve read a snippet. 

There was one time that I looked at a book that caught my eye- The name definitely caught my attention. “The girl on the landing” the synopsis was glorious and the writing seemed simple.  The image on the front was of a deers skeleton, if I remember correctly. I found that cool. Yet I had never read this authors books before. However, I did notice that he wrote “Salmon finishing in the Yemen” and I heard it became a movie. When I began reading this book, It was difficult to get through at first. Yet near the end, the novel turned out to be a really good story. 

That happened a few months ago and I haven’t done that since. When I do happen to pick a book at random, all the factors I mentioned do come into play. I won’t go out and buy a novel I don’t know or have never heard of. Unless I was my 14 year old self who was good at that. Especially at sales. But I stopped when I realized I didn’t always read the books I had bought or enjoyed them. 

I know that this is different for everyone. Some are attracted to colour or genre or titles or a friends recommendation. It varies for every bibliophile. 

I think that choosing a novel is a personal thing between reader and novel. Majority it has nothing to do with the author itself but preference. 

So, now you know what gets my book picking fingers going. But what gets yours? Comment below and let me know. 

N. A. Valentine